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Gibson 70s Tribute Rhythm, Double Black, 2-conductor, Potted, Alnico V, 16.3k ohms

by Gibson
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The Gibson 70s Tribute pickups are a nod to the hotter pickups that Gibson released in the mid-70s as a new breed of hard-rockin' players started to emerge on the scene. With lots of attitude, warmth, punch, and increased output, these pickups hit the front end of your amp with more “oomph” and signal level so it can be driven into overdrive easier, making the 70s Tribute an excellent choice for drop tunings and hard rock. Gibson delivered a pickup with more winds, strong Alnico 5 magnets, and wax potting to eliminate microphonic feedback at high volume levels and created a classic that is still highly relevant for today’s heavier musical styles.

  • Position: Neck
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Wiring: 2-Conductor
  • Cover: None
  • Double Black Bobbins
  • Wax Potted
  • Average DC Resistance: 16.2K
  • Details: Aggressively hot rhythm position pickup, excellent for drop tuning.