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Repairs at New York Music Emporium

Is your guitar not playing the way it did when you bought it? Strings getting old, or is your axe just not functioning the way you know it should? New York Music Emporium offers expert on-site guitar repairs. From re-strings, set-ups, pickup installs, headstock repairs to complete restorations and overhauls - you can rely on us to get the job done right.

Service Rates (strings not included)

Restring $40

Setup $70

Floyd Rose Setup $80

Direct Pickup Replacement $50/pup

Pickup Replacement w/ Rewire $75/pup

Nut/Saddle Replacement (includes setup) $100

Level and Polish $150

Estimates for other services available upon request.

Why does your guitar need a setup, you ask?

The best way to describe it would be to say that your guitar is just like a person! Wood, like a human, responds to changes in temperature and humidity throughout the different seasons. Ever notice how stuffy and dry you feel during the winter months, especially when your heat is on? Or perhaps you live in a place where it's constantly hot and humid, and you can practically drink the air! Your guitar responds to these changes by shifting in different ways and directions; slowly, but surely. The neck can shift back or forth, the belly can start to rise or dip, and in extreme/untreated cases the wood can crack and separate - just to name a few. Now you're probably scared, and wondering what you can do to prevent your beloved axe from meeting an awful fate! Fret not, we're here to help. With every setup we do, we make sure to take care of your instrument as if it was our own. We remove as much dirt and corrosion as possible, polish the fret board and frets, adjust the neck/string height, lubricate the nut and saddles, adjust intonation, and go over all the electronics to make sure everything feels, plays and sounds factory fresh!