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Mesa/Boogie EL-34 STR 446 Matched Pair 750625D Tube (DUET)

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While top-quality tubes are key to getting the most out of any tube amp, there’s no understating how much sonic life a premium set of matched power tubes can breathe into a well-loved amplifier. Mesa/Boogie’s EL34 STR 446 Power Tubes supply you with a perfectly matched pair of power tubes to enhance the tone of your Mesa/Boogie amp or any other compatible amplifier. What’s more, Mesa/Boogie proclaims that these tubes impart a touch more body to your tone’s midrange while also filling out the lows for a clear, rich, and harmonic-laden response. If you’re looking to re-tube your EL34-equipped amp right, look no further than Mesa/Boogie’s EL34 STR 446 Power Tubes.