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Brand New J. Rockett Melody EQ/OD

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The Melody is an EQ/OD with a post OD EQ. The Melody can be used as a stand alone EQ with volume and no gain or you can feather in a little or a lot of gain. Each frequency slider has 18db of cut or gain. The Melody has a volume and gain control. The volume control increases or decreases the output level and the gain control simply blends the overdrive. 

The Melody EQ/OD was designed for use in many musical environments without compromise. The EQ allows for complete flexibility on stage or in the studio. If you are stuck with a less than adequate backline the EQ can help compensate for lacking frequencies. Along with being a tool for tone shaping the EQ is also a very interesting tool for creating sounds out of the ordinary. (See the demo videos for samples). The gain range on the Melody EQ/OD is extremely wide. No matter where you set the gain control the pedal remains musical and feels like a real tube overdrive with sag and thump. Because there is extra gain in each fader (+/- 18db) the gain can be tweaked to extremes. We do, however, caution you to Experiment with proper EQing techniques such as the “Cut vs Add” approach. If you start pushing faders up things can get noisy. The Melody allows you to dial in totally transparent frequencies. On the other hand you can also color your tone to the extreme if you so desire.

  • Six Band Graphic EQ
  • I/O Jacks at the Head of the Pedal
  • 9V DC Operation with Standard (- tip and + sleeve)
  • Approximately 4” x 2.50” in Size
  • Weight is 1 pound
  • True Bypass