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Brand New Fender Squier Paranormal Super-Sonic Shell Pink

by Squier
Original price $449.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$449.99 - $449.99
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If you missed the boat on one of Fender's limited-run Pawn Shop Super-Sonics — affectionately named the Hendrix Jagmaster by some — then the Squier Paranormal Super-Sonic is one guitar you don't want to sleep on. The Super-Sonic's reverse offset body and slinky 24-inch-scale reverse-headstock neck provide a look and feel that are unique among the entire Fender-Squier catalog. It's fueled by Squier's take on Fender's fire-breathing Atomic humbuckers, which pack the heat you need to be heard from anywhere onstage and a unique flavor to drive your amps and stomps in fresh ways. The Super-Sonic's independent volume knobs free you up to dial in each pickup to taste: dial back the neck humbucker for chunky rhythms and run the bridge full bore into your dirty channel, then toggle with the flip of a switch. These controls also free you up to execute Morello- and Buckethead-style stutter stops, which itself is a unique trick among the Squier universe. The Paranormal Super-Sonic also features a vintage-style tremolo bridge that's capable of expressive note bending and powerful sonic texturizing without a steep learning curve.<UL>
<LI>Body Color: Shell Pink
<LI>Body Style: Super-Sonic
<LI>Body Type: Solid Body
<LI>Brand: Squier
<LI>Case/Gig Bag: None