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Brand New Fender Marine Layer Reverb

by Fender
Original price $179.99 - Original price $179.99
Original price
$179.99 - $179.99
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What do you look for in a reverb pedal for live performance? That's what Fender asked a wide range of guitar players, and the result is the Marine Layer Reverb pedal. Featuring an all-original circuit with Hall, Room, and Special reverb types like shimmer, the Marine Layer Reverb pedal sounds full and lush. In addition to reverb time and level controls, you'll be able to explore a wide range of reverberation with pre-delay and damping controls. And with plenty of gig-focused features, the Fender Marine Layer Reverb pedal excels in just about any live performance situation.


  • Reverb effects pedal for electric guitar, with Hall, Room, and Special reverb types
  • All-original reverb circuit designed by Fender
  • Reverb tails decay naturally after switching the effect off
  • Ultra-rugged construction with anodized aluminum case
  • Innovative battery compartment makes it fast and easy to change batteries
  • LED-backlit knobs show you your settings at a glance, even on dark stages
  • Dry Kill switch removes your dry signal, for use with your amp's effect loop