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Brand New Electro Harmonix Satisfaction Plus Fuzz

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The Electro Harmonix Satisfaction Plus Fuzz pedal is a love letter to those ‘60s fuzzified tones made famous by, well, just about everyone. EHX has taken the formula that made the original Satisfaction Fuzz a hit and added some options for more modern tonal shaping and flexibility. 

Attack adjusts the input gain and distortion amount from mild drive to super saturated fuzziness. The tone knob is an active tilt-shift EQ that inversely controls the treble and bass for dramatic, broad fuzz sculpting. Add to that the bias control and you’ve got all the tools for creating fuzz sounds ranging from sweet, smooth leads to sputtery voltage-sag aggression. If that wasn’t enough, FAT mode cranks the fuzz to 11 for mammoth, thundering riffs and wooly leads.  

The Electro Harmonix Satisfaction Plus Fuzz ups the ante from the original and brings the beloved, classic fuzz tones of the ‘60s enhanced with modern tone-shaping tools to satisfy fuzz fanatics everywhere. 


  • Inspired by Early '60s Fuzzes
  • Fat Mode for Bigger, Warmer Tones
  • Bias Adjusts from Smooth to Snarling Fuzz
  • Tilt-Shift EQ
  • 9V Battery Included
  • True Bypass