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2024 Taylor 322e 12-Fret Grand Concert Mahogany Shaded Edgeburst

by Taylor
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The Taylor 322e Grand Concert 12-fret models offer the comfort of a slightly smaller body and string scale length, with a slinkier string-feel and easier-to-fret action on higher frets ideal for folk fingerstyle blues and folk—while the all-mahogany body’s naturally compressed tone makes it perfect for singers. Plus, Taylor’s ES2 electronics provide ample tonal control and responsiveness.

300 Series
Taylor’s 300 series all-mahogany instruments offer players heightened touch sensitivity, plus more focused fundamental frequencies around the midrange to cut through the mix—providing a naturally compressed sound around the center of the EQ that’s ideal for a guitar player who sings and plays at the same time.

322e 12-Fret
With its shorter, 24⅞ inches scale length the Taylor 322e 12-fret Grand Concert body shape favors the fingerstyle player, as well as single-note lead and solo guitar arrangments, issuing notes with precise clarity and offering easy action even on the highest frets. The model’s smaller body makes for a comfortable feel, without skimping on rich, robust tonal resonance, or valuable volume.

Although it’s not part of the body, the neck is connected to the guitar, and the point at which the neck joins the body is a key factor contributing to the guitar’s overall sound. While 14-fret versions of the offer modern feel and articulate response, 12-fret versions boast a warm, sweet tonal character and a slinkier string feel.

V-Class Bracing
The Taylor 322e 12-fret Grand Concert features Taylor’s innovative new V-Class bracing, which lets the soundboard of the guitar vibrate naturally, increasing sustain and overall cohesiveness, and generating additional volume without sacrificing sustain. This design puts the body more in tune with the strings, improving articulation and harmonic alignment, resulting in a sound that is optimally warm and seasoned, nicely blended, and full of luscious low end without being muddy.

ES2 Electronics
The Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) is a delivers the latest technology in Taylor acoustic guitar amplification. The heart of the of ES2 system is Taylor’s patented behind-the-saddle pickup, featuring three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors. The new positioning enables the piezo pickup’s crystals to respond more naturally to the guitar’s energy as it is transferred through the saddle, with three pickup sensors installed behind the saddle, through the bridge, with three tiny Allen screws that calibrate the position of the sensors in relation to the saddle. Together with Taylor’s custom-designed preamp, this ES2 system produces exceptional amplified tone and responsiveness.