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1914 Gibson A-4 Mandolin Ebony

by Gibson
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You go into your grandparents attic, you find an old dusty case. You open it up and what's that you find? An old Gibson Mandolin much to your surprise. This isn't the story of this instrument, but you get the drift. What you are looking at is an instrument that is over 100 years and has withstood the test of time. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm any of the originality of the parts on this instrument, but the overall condition of this 8 string timepiece is good considering its over 100 years old. The top shows a humidity crack that was repaired even though it cannot be seen in the pictures. Amaze your friends and family at the next Italian family wedding by busting out the "Tarantella" on the instrument it was intended to be played on.


*Includes hardshell case