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Used DSM Humboldt Electronics Simplifier Zero Watt Stereo Amplifier

Sold out
  • Pedalboard-sized analog preamplifier with onboard power amp sim and cab sim
  • Totally analog signal path — no latency, no aliasing
  • Perfect for fly dates, commutes, and Sunday mornings — no amp or cab required
  • An ideal pack-in pedal platform
  • A key ingredient in creating a silent stage
  • Stereo balanced XLR outputs allow you to send a signal straight to a soundboard or stereo FRFR setup
  • Onboard headphone amp lets you monitor directly from your pedalboard
  • Auxiliary input for live monitoring jam tracks and MultiTracks
  • 3 onboard analog amp voicings (AC Brit, American, MS Brit) — each with unique gain and midrange characteristics
  • Analog power amp sim section 3 tube types (6L6, EL34, KT88) and Resonance/Presence controls captures the stiffness, compression, and saturation of your favorite tube amps
  • Stereo analog cab sim with 3 assignable cab emulations (1 x 12, 2 x 12, 4 x 12) and directivity controls per side
  • Stereo amp pass-through lets you monitor FX pedals through stage amps
  • Spread switch converts mono signals to pseudo-stereo for inspiring faux double-tracked effects