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Used Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K V2 Overdrive Preamp

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With expanded features, the new Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K Overdrive Preamp v2 improves upon the original while keeping the same core functionality. Adding a four-band equalizer and balanced line driver, this tone sculpting machine is more versatile than ever–live or in the studio. 

  • Bass preamp pedal and DI box with saturation circuit
  • 4-band EQ for shaping your tone
  • Two mid-frequency selector buttons determine what mid frequencies are being affected
  • Level knob sets the volume of your overdriven signal
  • Drive knob controls the amount of saturation in your overdriven signal
  • Blend knob adjusts the ratio between clean and overdriven signals
  • Grunt switch dials in the amount of low-frequency saturation
  • Attack switch tunes in the amount of high-frequency saturation
  • Parallel output for parallel processing
  • Direct output for running into PA systems and mixing consoles