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L.R. Baggs Session VTC Acoustic Guitar Pickup and Preamp

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The LR Baggs Session VTC pickup and preamp system was inspired by the company's drive to deliver the best and most natural-sounding acoustic-electric products in the world. This system uses new technology to add harmonic content to your tone for creating the sound of an expertly recorded acoustic guitar that you can take onstage. The Session VTC's dynamic EQ compresses certain frequencies on the fly to eliminate any trouble tonalities. And it utilizes the company's popular Element pickup to read the sound of your guitar's top, avoiding the unappealing piezo "quack." The Session VTC may just be the new standard in acoustic-electric tone.

  • Acoustic-electric guitar pickup system that delivers the sound of a studio-recorded instrument
  • Added harmonics offer a tape-like saturation for a warmer tone
  • Dynamic EQ analyzes your playing and compresses frequencies for an even tone at all times
  • Pickup senses the guitar's top, not string movement, eliminating piezo quack
  • Convenient soundhole-located controls
  • Easy-to-read multi-segment battery check