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Fender The Bends Compressor

by Fender
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In a world of great compression pedals, Fender has found a way to bring something new to your pedalboard. The Bends was carefully crafted to deliver all the dynamic control you need for sweetening your tone while maintaining the natural feel and response of your guitar. The Bends' incredibly fast recovery ability can be fine-tuned to nail the feel you're looking for. And thanks to the Blend control, you're able to bring back as much of your unaffected signal as you desire. With the Bends compressor, Fender's coming back to the pedal world in a big way.

  • Compressor pedal with tone-friendly features
  • Recovery control dials in the pedal's feel
  • Level and drive determine the amount of signal at the pedal's input and output
  • Blend brings your unaffected signal back in
  • Durable brushed-aluminum housing
  • Classic-looking Fender Amp Jewel light and LED-lit knobs