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Fender Blues Junior III 15-Watt w/ Several Upgrades

by Fender
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$699.00 - $699.00
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Looking for a Blues Junior with a little *more*? This example still features the same 15-Watt/12 inch speaker configuration, but has been gone through to address all of the "weak points" of the mass-produced blues junior to make it sound smoother, sweeter, and most of all - be significantly more reliable. 

This example has had all of its electrolytic capacitors replaced and upgraded, it has an upgraded switchcraft input jack instead of the flimsy plastic jack, and the tube socket board has been upgraded from the cheap plastic one that is known to break to a ceramic board that will be good for a lifetime. In addition, the stock reverb tank has been upgraded to a mod electronics spring reverb tank that sounds better and is known to be significantly more reliable - and the power tubes have been changes to a matched pair of 1960's RFT West Germany EL84's for incredible tone and sustain.

Take advantage of this player's dream example while it's still available!