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Brand New Korg pitchblack+ Chromatic Pedal Tuner

by Korg
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Brand new in box - old store stock 

The Korg pitchblack+ Chromatic Pedal Tuner affords precision tuning with an accuracy of ±0.1 cents. Plus, you can connect two instruments to the device simultaneously with separate tuning settings for each one. The pitchblack+ features a True Bypass output, which keeps your tone completely intact at all times.

  • Ultra-Precise Chromatic Tuner
  • True Bypass Output
  • Connect 2 Instruments Simultaneously
  • Supports Open D, E, G, A & DADGAD
  • Supports Chromatic Tuning
  • Standard Guitar / Bass Tuning
  • Create & Save Up to 5 Custom Tunings
  • Dual Accuracy Meter & Extra Bright LEDs
  • Tunes 7-String Guitars & 6-String Basses
  • Durable & Tough Aluminum Die Cast Body