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Brand New Fender Level Set Buffer

by Fender
Original price $119.99 - Original price $119.99
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$119.99 - $119.99
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Whether you use multiple guitars during a set or one guitar through a big pedalboard, your signal strength can take a hit. Enter the Fender Level Set, a buffer pedal no pedalboard should be without. Switching from a humbucker-equipped axe to one with single-coil pickups can cause hassles when you're trying to dial in your tone onstage or in the studio. Similarly, a complex pedal setup can bleed your signal strength, leaving you with a wimpy signal. Neither scenario is optimal for killer tone. Fender's Level Set lets you swap guitars without negatively impacting your tone. Fender consulted with an army of guitarists on the design, and the resulting stompbox is loaded with stage-ready features.


  • Output Level and Hi-Freq trim controls, Load toggle switch, and Mute footswitch
  • 1 x 1⁄4" instrument input
  • 1 x 1⁄4" instrument and 1 x 1⁄4" tuner outputs
  • 1 Mohm input impedance and 1 Kohm output impedance
  • Magnetic-latching 9-volt battery door makes battery swaps quicker and easier
  • Lightweight silver anodized aluminum casing