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2022 Taylor 322E 12-Fret Shaded Edgeburst

by Taylor
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With its shorter, 24⅞ inches scale length the Taylor 322e 12-fret Grand Concert body shape favors the fingerstyle player, as well as single-note lead and solo guitar arrangments, issuing notes with precise clarity and offering easy action even on the highest frets. The model’s smaller body makes for a comfortable feel, without skimping on rich, robust tonal resonance, or valuable volume. 

Although it’s not part of the body, the neck is connected to the guitar, and the point at which the neck joins the body is a key factor contributing to the guitar’s overall sound. While 14-fret versions of the offer modern feel and articulate response, 12-fret versions boast a warm, sweet tonal character and a slinkier string feel. 

This example is in excellent overall condition.